Graduate student position in Cognitive Neuroscience

Dr. Dennis Molfese, the Director of the new Center for Brain, Biology, and Behavior (CB3) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), seeks outstanding PhD students to study cognitive neuroscience. Research topics may include concussion, traumatic brain injury, athletic and human performance, and rehabilitation. CB3 provides a collaborative, interdisciplinary world-class research environment across over 39 different departments. Resources include electrophysiology (high-density ERP/EEG), 3T magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), near-infrared technology (NIRS), and eye tracking.

Ph.D. candidates may select to apply to one of several different programs in Psychology, including Neuroscience and Behavior, Developmental, or Cognitive and Quantitative. These programs are research-intensive non-clinical degree programs, which span cognition and perception, examining mental processes such as perception, attention, memory, categorization, language, and development using cutting edge multimodal behavioral, statistical, and neuroscience tools.

Top candidates should have:

•  a bachelor’s degree in psychology, cognitive science, or a related field

•  excellent research skills, with experience in psychology, cognitive science, or a related field

•  excellent communication skills

•  excellent computer skills

UNL’s deadline for PhD applications is December 17, 2012. More information about the Psychology program at UNL can be found here:

More information about applying to UNL’s Graduate School of Arts and Science can be found here:

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