SciMON (Science Mathematics Opportunities Network)


SciMON (Science Mathematics Opportunities Network) is an innovative institutional initiative designed to enhance the extraordinary research and mentoring programs available to students who study science and mathematics at Hunter College.

What do Hunter’s research and mentoring programs offer students?

Overall, Hunter’s research and mentoring programs provide students with the resources necessary to prepare them for graduate study in the sciences and mathematics. Each program is unique and offers students a different set of benefits, but most provide an opportunity to conduct research alongside Hunter’s outstanding science and math faculty. Each program has a different set of eligibility requirements, but Many SciMON programs are designed to increase, encourage and support the inclusion of under-represented groups in science particularly members of racial/ethnic minorities, women, students with disabilities, those who are first generation of their family to attend college, veterans, and students with demonstrated financial need. All programs and activities are open to all academically eligible students without regard to race, gender, national origin, or other characteristics.


To find out more about all of the research and mentoring programs offered at Hunter College, click HERE.


What does SciMON offer students?

SciMON offers all students interested in science and mathematics:

For students who already participate in one of Hunter’s research and mentoring programs, SciMON also provides:

  • an array of professional and skills development workshops, activities and events designed to provide students with the skills and experiences they need to succeed in their undergraduate and graduate studies, their laboratory experiences, and as professional scientists, mathematicians and researchers.
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