The Summer Undergraduate Mathematical Science Research Institute


The Summer Undergraduate Mathematical Science Research Institute (SUMSRI) is a program hosted by the Department of Mathematics at Miami University. We seek talented undergraduate students in the mathematical sciences who are interested in pursuing advanced degrees. Because of the shortage of minorities and women mathematical scientists, we are especially interested in, but not limited to, African Americans and other underrepresented minorities and women.

The main goals of SUMSRI are:

  • Provide the students with a research environment and improve their research abilities.
  • Provide professional role models.
  • Improve the students’ technical writing skills.
  • Give the participants an opportunity to write a technical research paper and present a talk at a mathematics conference.
  • Inform the participants of available financial aid and opportunities for graduate school.
  • Make the students aware of career opportunities in the mathematical sciences.
  • Improve the students’ ability to work in groups and give them a long term support group.
  • Prepare the students for the GRE.
  • Address the shortage of minority mathematical scientists by encouraging minority students and women to become mathematical research scientists.

To accomplish these goals, SUMSRI will be held from June 3 to July 19, 2013, on Miami University’s campus in Oxford, Ohio. (Students are expected to arrive on campus on June 1 in order to be ready to begin the program on June 3). During these seven weeks, students will participate in problem seminars in mathematics or statistics. The program will also include a technical writing seminar, a GRE preparation workshop, two short courses on algebra and real analysis, and colloquium talks given by well known mathematical scientists. There will also be panel discussions to present information on graduate school and career opportunities in the mathematical sciences. SUMSRI will pay for the participant’s travel, room, board, and supplies. Each student will also be given a $3,850 stipend. Funds will also be made available for travel to selected national meetings in the months following the conclusion of SUMSRI.

The ideal candidate must have completed the college level calculus series and at least one proof-based mathematics or statistics course with distinction.  The candidate should be entering his / her junior or senior year after attending SUMSRI. All candidates must be returning to their home institutions as undergraduates after the SUMSRI experience. All candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.   SUMSRI is not currently funded to support international students.

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